The latest on First Plains' Response

Three ways to join!

1. Online at

2. In the parking lot from your car at 97.3FM.

3. In person at 9:45am.

We will keep our church family posted on all the most important information, scheduling, and ways to change your world through the power of the Holy Spirit and practically showing the grace and love of Jesus Christ.

  • To participate in our online services, simply go to our "Listen" page. Simply click on "Connect" and then "Listen." The latest service will be listed there. You can even listen to past messages.

  • Serving our Oikos

    Our deacons continue their work of serving widows and sharing Patrick's burden of care for those who are sick. Our small group leaders are asked to check in, encourage, pray for, and mobilize their people to serve their OIKOS however they can. This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity for the Church to shine. If you know of anyone in need of assistance in any way, please let us know. We hope the be the mobilized Church every day.

  • We continue to bring back to God what He has already given us. Since we will not be able to gather together, you have many simple avenues for giving. First, you can mail a check to our church office. Second, you can give online using our secure, simple online tool. Simply use your debit card. Third, you can use the same giving tool to transfer money from your checking account. You can even set up a recurring gift.

  • Staying Connected

    There are multiple ways to stay connected:

    • This website (and this page specifically) will be updated as new information and developments happen. 
    • We send an email each week with the most important information. You can easily subscribe by clicking here.
    • You can call our office (806.456.3661), email our staff, or call our mobile phones. We are here to keep you equipped to serve your OIKOS. Let us know how we can serve you.
    • We send out texts to our church family when information needs to be quickly delivered. If you would like to be added to this texting service, simply click here and fill out this information. You an easily unsubscribe anytime.
    • Our Facebook page is updated regularly. You can see our posts whether or not you have a Facebook account. You can find it by searching "First Plains" or going to