5:30 - Check in & Dinner

6:00 - First Kids

7:30 - Dismissed

For KINDERGARTEN to 5th grade

Exciting Music

It all starts in the sanctuary with fun games, choreographed music, and lots of laughs. Carefully selected music points to the power of God's Word and the message of Jesus Christ. Songs engage the hearts and bodies of our kids. 

Interactive Story

Starting with the creation of the world, we will travel through the entire story of God's redemptive love. Each story tells an important part of the picture of God sending Jesus to be the only way to have a relationship with the Father. Kids interact with the teaching in creative and fun ways. 

Age Specific Groups

After the fun, the music, and the Bible story, kids make their way to their groups. We divide the groups up by grade (Pre-K-Kinder, 1st grade, 2nd & 3rd, and 4th & 5th) Each group reinforces the Bible story with games, crafts and activities. Our adult volunteers prepare each week to engage kids with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Family Experiences

Parents who want to take seriously their role of developing their child's faith are able to use these resources to make the most of the time they have with their children. Click below to see all the family experiences available for our church family. Email Eric with any questions or further resources you need to guide your children toward a lifetime of faithfulness to Christ.