Small Groups

Most of our small groups meet on Sunday morning immediately following our service. They typically begin at 11am. Take a look at our small groups. We are certain there is a group with which you will connect.



Babies learn the love of Jesus in a safe, caring environment. Our seasoned volunteers have spent years caring for babies. Many who are moms and grandmas themselves know how to care for the body, mind, and soul of a child. Our nursery is fully equipped to protect and nurture children while showing the love of Christ.


Playing is learning and learning about Jesus is fun. This class is full of excitement, movement, and love. Lovingly guided by our volunteers these little ones learn that Jesus loves them through play, stories, and personal interaction.


Independent and strong, the "big boys" and "big girls" are cared for by our carefully selected volunteers. Story time, crafts, and play make for a great time together. These growing boys and girls learn the basics of Jesus' love and obeying His teachings.

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First Kids

  • 1st-4th Grade

    Kim Willis leads our elementary kids through the Bible. Growing physically and spiritually, kids will get to experience God's Word and grow in wisdom together. Fun and interactive, this time will surely be the highlight of your kids' week. 

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  • 5th & 6th Grade

    Candace Bunch guides our older kids to learn Jesus' place in their lives. Energetic and fun, your kids will find an open, honest place to learn about Jesus. 

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First Youth


Lexi Bell, Michele Frerich, and Heather Harris lead your young ladies to understand their identity in Christ. Empowering your young ladies to be warriors for Christ, this talkative group will experience God's Word and how it can guide our ladies to be life-long Jesus followers. 

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John Harris, Eric Kaiser, and Kyle Martin guide your young men to develop the skills to know God's Word for themselves and share their faith with their friends and family. No meeting is complete without loud laughter, deep thoughts, and lots of talk about knives and guns (only talk, though . . .).

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Current teaching series: Ephesians by J.D. Greear

Pastor's Class

Our Pastor Patrick Hamilton creates a place to belong and experience the Word of God in an accessible way. Simple, applicable teaching coupled with authentic relationships with others who are trying their best to follow Jesus, this small group is a fun-loving family. You are invited to be a part. Most of the people in this group have children in school, but it is open to anyone who would come. 

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The "Bunch" bunch

Steven Bunch facilitates this group to learn from each other as they explore God's Word. Authentically learning and applying truth in their lives, this group encourages one another to continue toward following Jesus. Adults in this group have children in school, children in college, no children at all, married, and single. Anyone is welcome to join in the conversation.

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Teaching: RightNow Media - Shaken by Tim Tebow


Brad Crump guides adults to seek a closer walk with Jesus. Teaching God's Word and discussing its truth, adults will apply God's Word to their lives.

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Teaching: Explore the Bible

The "DON" Mafia

Don Parrish teaches God's Word to adults who are single, married, empty-nesters, 40-60 year olds with grown children, and early grandparents. Adults can expect to explore God's Word and apply truth to their lives.

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Teaching: Explore the Bible

Cynthia'S Ladies

Cynthia Blair guides a group of senior adult ladies to explore God's Word together. You can expect to apply truth to personal relationships, seeking to evangelize the world, and grow in knowledge. 

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Teaching: (Lifeway)

I'm Lovin' It!

Gale McDonnell leads a group of senior adults who support and encourage one another. This group of adults explores God's Word and applies its truth to their own lives. 

For more information, please email us.

Teaching: Lifeway

Tuesday Small Group

Treon Minall leads a small group that meets at 1409 2nd St here in Plains, TX. This group will meet every Tuesday beginning September 12 and ending October 17. Any adults interested in a deeper prayer life are invited to explore God's Word about communication with Him.

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Teaching: When God's People Pray by Jim Cymbala