First Plains youth ministry

God commands all Christians to make disciples because we love God and love people. As a result, First Plains Youth exists to draw close to Jesus those who are far from Him and equip teenagers to do the same. Teenagers crave a safe space to be free to be themselves. We hope to provide that space in order to grow them to be all that God has intended them to be. Ultimately, we develop Christ-following disciples who are able to make disciples.

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Summer 2024

Family Experiences

Parents who want to take seriously their role of developing their child's faith are able to use these resources to make the most of the time they have with their children. Click below to see all the family experiences available for our church family. Email Eric with any questions or further resources you need to guide your children toward a lifetime of faithfulness to Christ.

WHat we do

We equip teenagers to reach those God has strategically and supernaturally placed inter lives. All we do is driven by the OIKOS principle. To read more about that, click here.

  • Deliver the Gospel

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  • transform


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  • Multiply Disciples

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Get involved


At 9:45am we join the rest of the church family for a modern worship service full of passionate music and relevant preaching. God's Word is shared through song and speech. Teenagers will find a warm welcome. Immediately following the service at 11:00am we meet in small groups to equip teenagers to be lifelong Jesus followers.


At 4:00pm our doors open for Middle Schoolers (6th-8th) for free snacks, games, and time to hang. At 5:30pm we have a time of worship through song and hearing God's Word preached. At 6:30pm, all are given a free meal and are dismissed. Then at 7:00pm High Schoolers (9th-12th) meet at our youth pastor's home for dinner, worship in music, and Bible study.

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Each week we update parents and teenagers about the Top 3 things everyone needs to know about our youth ministry. They include info about activities, events coming up, and this week's teaching. We want parents and teenagers to know what is going on and have a place they can turn for reliable, updated information.